Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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    • AIFAWH condemns the barbaric police attack on anganwadi employees in Punjab


      The Punjab police unleashed a barbaric midnight attack on the anganwadi employees who were sleeping at the place of ‘mahapadav’ in Patiala in Punjab. Thousands of anganwadi employees were on a peaceful protest against the indiscriminate opening of pre primary sections in government schools and the Direct Cash Transfer initiated by the Punjab government, as decided by the Government of India. These would ultimately lead to the closure of the anganwadi centres and sound the death knell for ICDS. The Anganwadi Mulajam Union, Punjab had given the call for a ‘mahapadav’ in Patiala against these measures, when repeated appeals to the government failed. The chief minister even went back on his...

    • AIFAWH demands that the Ministry of Women and Child Development must clarify its position on Cash transfer in ICDS


      STOP MISLEADING THE PEOPLE;CLARIFY THE STEPS BY THE MINISTRY OF WCDSTOP THE PROPOSALS FOR DBT/CCT AND PACKAGED FOOD IN ICDS The Ministry of WCD on 12 October 2017 issued a statement that the There is no proposal to discontinue Supplementary Nutrition Program under ICDS and replace it with Conditional Cash Transfer”. The statement says There have been reports in the Media that the Ministry of Women and Child Development is contemplating to dismantle the supplementary nutrition component of the ICDS programme and replace it with conditional cash transfer. It is pointed out that these reports are not based on correct factual position”(underline added) The media reports which appeared in...

    • Withdraw the move to hand over the Anganwadis to the Corporate Cairn India


      All India Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers (AIFAWH) strongly condemn the MOU signed between the Ministry of Women and Child Development and Cairn India Ltd , a subsidiary of the Multinational ‘Vedanta’ to “to develop and modernise 4000 next generation Anganwadis in the country” as per the PIB release.  This is nothing but withdrawal of government of India from its responsibility of providing the childrens’ right to food, health and education and an effort to leave it to the charity of the corporate and big business.AIFAWH demands that the MWCD, Governemnt of India must withdraw the move to privatise the anganwadi centres by handing over it to the corporate and cancel the MOU. In...

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