Demands fast track trial, adequate compensation and job to the family.

Removal of Chandramukhidevi from NCW

A  delegation of AIFAWH-CITU consiting of AIFAWH national President and General Secretary and CITU national secretaries Usharani, A R Sindhu, AIFAWH Secretary and UP anganwadi union President Dr.Veena Gupta, general Secretary Chaman Ara, Adv. Niger Parvern, CITU met the family members of the Anganwadi helper who was brutally gangraped and murdered in a temple in Badaun district UP and expressed condolences. The delegation assured all solidarity and assistance in getting justice to the murdered anganwadi helper. The deceased woman has five children including two minor girls who are studying and an unemployed son.

The delegation condemned the attitude of the Munister and department of Women and Child Development which is yet to even condemn the heinous act in spite the murdered woman was a government servant in this department.

Given the track record of BJP led Yogi government in UP in previous cases like Unnao,  Hathras, Badaun(2014) etc, and the total insensitivity by the police in handling the case, delays in postmortem, filing FIR, arresting the main accused who was found in the same village, there is all chances that the culprits will get off scot free.

The delegation met the ADM and submitted a memorandum with the demands

. Adequate Compensation to the family and government job to her dependents

 . Ensure safety of the family of the woman

 . Ensure speedy trial in the case. Proper legal assistance to be provided to the family

 . Exemplary Punishment to all those in Police and administration who are guilty for the delay in dealing with the case.

 . Gender sensitisation of the Police and administration of UP must be undertaken immediately.

The other members of the delegation were UP state anganwadi union leaders Zainab Jahan, Mithilesh, Manoj , Madhuri ,Alka and Rajeev Shant and Sharif.

 CITU and AIFAWH also demanded the sudden removal of Smt. Chandramukhi Devi, member NCW who has passed such derogatory statement against the mudered woman.

 AIFAWH had already given a call for protest against the brutal murder. Anganwadi workers and helpers throughout the country  came out spontaneously in protest  against this gruesome crime.

CITU and AIFAWH will intensify the campaign and struggles against violence against women.

Issued by
A R Sindhu
General Secretary

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