Monday, 20 May 2019


AIFAWH congratulates the anganwadi workers and helpers for their near total heroic indefinite strike on the long pending demands. AIFAWH demands the Haryana government must discuss with the striking unions and amicably settle the issue.

Nearly fifty thousand anganwadi workers and helpers in Haryana are in an indefinite strike since 19 February 2018. All the centres in the state are closed and the workers and helpers are in an indefinite strike during the last 17 days. Nearly twenty thousand workers and helpers are participating in the district level dharnas by the Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union Haryana (CITU). A total of thirty thousand workers and helpers are participating in the dharnas throughout the state.

Although the government called for discussions, it failed because of the adamant position of the government. Although the government has offered special scale pay for government outsource workers of the state to the workers (semi skilled which is around Rs.10286 and after ten years for skilled Rs.11429) but refused to offer any grade to the helpers but offered only half the wage of workers. It refused the demands of parity for mini anganwadi workers any ex gratia or retirement scheme. In the meantime, on 1 March they have unilaterally declared some benefits and made an agreement with two paper unions who have not even served the strike notice. We condemn this anti democratic move by the government.

But the workers thwarted the move to break the strike and the next day, on Holi, burnt the effigies of the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister and the BJP. The strike is still continuing with much militancy.

The government which was adamant on not even calling the unions for discussion, had to succumb to the pressure after a day and night padav in Karnal, the CM’s city on 5-6 March 2018. The union has decided to go for a jail bharo on 9 March 2018. The union has distributed a form among the workers which they have to fill up and submit to express their willingness for the jail bharo. Workers are enthusiastically submitting the form which is estimated to be double the membership of the union. This is in spite of receiving notices issued by the department to terminate them for participating in the struggle. On 8th March the international women’s day, the anganwadi employees will take out a torch light procession against the government. Now the government has called the union for a discussion on 10 March.

The government was again forced to declare parity for mini anganwadi workers. This has again boosted the morale of the striking workers and the district level dharnas are continuing with the active support of the CITU and Sarva Karmachari Sangh (state government employees’ federation) and other mass organisations. AIFAWH President Usharani and General Secretary A R Sindhu have been continuously participating in the struggle including the Padav and district level dharnas.

AIFAWH while greeting the workers and helpers on strike hope that the Khattar government will come to the democratic practice of sorting issues discussing across the table instead of resorting to victimization and force.

AIFAWH also condemns the use of force by the police on the striking workers of another union in Panchkula and appeals to all the workers to be united in their struggle.