Thursday, 20 June 2019

AIFAWH congratulate the anganwadi workers and helpers of Karnataka and Karnataka Anganwadi Naukrara Sangha (CITU) for their successful struggle against Privatization of ICDS and better working conditions

Nearly one lakh anganwadi workers and helpers under the leadership of Anganwadi Naukrara Sangha (CITU) and the anganwadi union affiliated to AITUC were on an indefinite strike since 2nd February 2015, demanding of no privatization of ICDS, Minimum wages rs 15000 for employees and other demands. On 12th February night the union withdrew the strike after an agreement with the Chief Minister that his govt will not privatize the ICDS and will increase remuneration of Anganwadi employees in the coming budget.

Karnataka Anganwadi Naukrara Sangha made full preparations for this struggle against this “ICDS mission”. Apart from having meetings workshops, jathas etc at sector, panchayath, project, district and state level of the union, 8 lakh leaflets were distributed among the beneficiaries and local people explaining the demands and poor policies of the government. 90% of the anganwadi centers were closed. Striking workers were holding day and night dharna on all 12 days at the district headquarters. The administration tried to suppress the strike issuing show cause notices the employees threatening them trying to forcefully open the centers etc. The anganwadi workers and helpers carried on the struggle daring all the consequences. On 12th February nearly 40 thousand anganwadi employees gathered in Bangaluru after which discussion and agreement were reached between the union and the government.

With congratulating the anganwadi workers and helpers of Karnataka for their magnificent struggle and the victory, AIFAWH calls upon the anganwadi workers and helpers throughout the country intensify campaign and to be prepare for countrywide struggle against privatization of ICDS and for regularization, minimum wages and pension and social security benefits. It calls upon all the state committees observe protest day on 3rd March 2015 against negative attitude of Modi government for the anganwadi workers and helpers and the children of the country.

Issued by
A R Sindhu
General Secretary, AIFAWH