No. 4-4/2008-CD-II

Government of India
Ministry of Women and Child department

Shastri Bhawan: New Delhi – 110001
Dated: 11th May 2009

1. Secretaries in charge of department dealing with ICDS Scheme in all states/UTs Admn
2. Directors incharge of ICDS Scheme in all Sates/UTs Admn

Subject: PSE kits in ICDS – guidelines regarding


As you are aware the Pre-School Education component under the Integrated Child Development (ICDS) Scheme is a critical component to ensure holistic development of children and a vital service provided in the comprehensive package of ICDS. A regular provision of Pre- school kits has been made by Government of India vide letter No. 5-2/2000-CD-I dated 7/7/2000.
2.The amount prescribed for procurement of Pre School Kits for anganwadi centres up till now was Rs. 600 per Anganwadi Centres per annum. Taking into accounts the increase in the cost over cost over the years and strengthen the PSE component in ICDS Scheme, it has been decided to upwardly revise the norms from existing Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1000/- per AWC per annum. Expenditure on accounts of PSC Kit may be incurred as per revised financial norms and the board parameters set under the revised guidelines as enclosed.

3. All the state governments/UT administrations are requested to ensure that kits are provided to AWCs every year as per the revised guidelines. The expenditure incurred on the account may be met out of the Grant-in-aid released to the State Governments /UT administrations from time to time for implementation of ICDS Scheme.
4.This revised guidelines would be effective from the financial year 2009-10.
5. Receipt of the letter may please be acknowledged.

Yours faithfully

(Archana S Avasthi)
Tel. 23074215

Guidelines for provision of Pre- School Education Kit for Anganwadi Centres under ICDS (General) Scheme

1. The Pre- School Education component under ICDS Scheme is a crucial component of the package of service envisaged under the Scheme. It aims at school readiness and development of positive attitudes towards education. Strengthening of pre-school education would also supplement the effort in achieving the national goal of universal primary education. The pre school education in anganwadi centres is provided through non formal and play-way methods by joyful learning.
2. The age group of 3-6 years can be termed as school preparatory stage where the emphasis should be on development of cognitive processes along with motor and muscular development. The child can be guided to develop pre number concepts such as differences between more and less, thick and thin, far and near etc. During this age concept formation and language development also need to be facilitated by organizing activities like playing with dolls/ toys, role play, sharing his/her possessions with others] personnel hygiene, identification of objects etc. a joyful learning atmosphere should be created by program planning, development of age specific teaching materials and learning aids.
3. The following braod guidelines may be followed by the State Governments/UT Administrations for the constitution of pre-school kit.
The pre-school kits shall be provided each year for all operational anganwadi centres in the States/UTs @ Rs. 1000/- per AWC per annum.
The states may have the option of providing more than one kit or an enhanced kit with more components or qualitatively better components/materials or having age appropriate TLM ( Teaching and learning material) in one or more kits or any other combination.
The items in the kit may be multiple in terms of possible play activities and concepts, durable , safe for children ( non-toxic and without sharp edges), culturally & environmentally relevant, cost effective, easy to maintain, handle and store and conductive to creativity and problem solving.
The states/UTs may consult experts of early Childhood Education, SCERTs, etc for finalization of items in the Pre School kit. The constitution of the kit may very within a State/UT Keeping in view the specific local needs and resources. A suggestive list is given as under:
• Flash cards for story telling
• Models on pictures/Picture books of animals, fruits, vegetables] parts of the body, Pictures/Picture books
• Building blocks- plastic or card board or wood
• Stuffed toys
• Dolls for the role play
• Colours, number, alphabet, matching cards
• Stacking rings/ Shape towers
• Bails
• Threading Boards / Beads and Wires
• Kitchen set
• Wheel toys
• Dapli/small drum
• Simple puzzles etc
The List is only indicative and not exhaustive

The PSE kit may be supplemented by involving local community and other stakeholders through voluntary efforts in establishment of toy banks, libraries for kids etc. Using locally available resources. Sources of additional PSE materials prepared by AWW/Helpers, toys and books given by community, panchayat, youth clubs etc.
The Government of India releases Grant-in-aid to State Governments/ UT Administrations from time to time for implementation of the ICDS (General) Scheme. The expenditure on procurement of PSE kits should be met out of the grant released to the States/UTs subject to the financial norms of Rs. 1000 per AWC per annum from 2009-10 onwards.
Each state/UT should ensure regular supply of PSE kits and the expenditure made should be duly reported in the quarterly SoE (Statements of Expenditure) sent to MWCD.

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