New Delhi, the 28th April 1995

All Secretaries dealing with ICDS (of State/ UTs).

Sub: Recruitment of Supervisors under the ICDS Scheme – Reservation of 25% for Anganwadi workers.


As you are aware, the anganwadi worker is the most important functionary at the village level under the ICDS Scheme. With a modest beginning made in 1975-76, the ICDS Scheme has expanded gradually and as on date, about 70% blocks of the country are covered under the Scheme.

Recent years have witnessed not only an exponential increase in the anganwadi centres/anganwadi workers but also significant special efforts aimed at ensuring quality in the delivery of services and community participation. Accordingly, the responsibilities of the anganwadi worker has increased tremendously and she is now required to perform multiple tasks ranging from delivery of vital services, involving community/women’s groups/Mahila Mandals and for ensuring the effective convergence of various sectoral services.

As a result of our sustained efforts in improving the outreach of services, we have, however, burdened the most important cutting edge functionary, the anganwadi worker without commensurate improvements in her service conditions. The concern of poor service conditions of anganwadi workers has also been a subject matter of serious debate in the Parliament. While Government of India is seriously considering some increase in their honorarium and other benefits, a decision has been taken to reserve minimum of 25% posts of supervisors for selection from anganwadi workers who are matriculates and have put in minimum of 10 years of service. While Government of India instructions already provide for appointment of those anganwadi workers as Supervisors, who are matriculates and have been working for 10 years, it will now, be mandatory for the States to amend the Recruitment Rules for Supervisors by a provision that 25% supervisors shall be recruited from amongst the anganwadi workers (matriculates) with minimum of 10 years of experience. This rule shall apply in respect of all existing vacancies of supervisors and new vacancies arising in future in the newly sanctioned projects. Reservation orders issued by Ministry of Welfare for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Classes must, however, be kept in view.

It is requested that top priority to given to the Amendment of Recruitment Rules in your State for supervisors. A copy of the amended Recruitment Rules may please be forwarded to this Department positively by 31st July 1995. In case the revised amended Recruitment Rules are not received from your State within the time limit, it will not be possible to release the Central Government funds for meeting the operational costs of existing ICDS projects from second quarter onwards.

Yours faithfully,
(B. Sen)
Joint Secretary to the Government of India 

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