Government of India
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Deptt. of Women’s Welfare
C.D. Section

Shastri Bhawan,
New Delhi
Dated 20th February 1986


1. The Secretaries In-charge of Departments dealing with ICDS in all Stated/Union Territories.
2. The Directors In-charge of JCDS Programme in all States/Union Territories.

Subject: Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme – Recommendations of the Orientation Workshop for Additional/Joint/ Deputy Directors – TA/DA for helper to Anganwadi Workers and to Anganwadi Workers in urban projects.


I am directed to invite attention to the erstwhile Ministry of Social Welfare’s letter No.1-3/76-CD dated 17-12-1986, which stipulates that, whenever the Anganwadi worker is required to attend Project Headquarters for the monthly meeting or is required to attend short re-orientation/refresher training courses, she may be paid TA/DA. The letter further stipulates that the Anganwadi Worker may be given, for each such trip, bus/train (2nd class) fare and daily allowance at the rate applicable to an LDC as per State Government’s rules. Further, such TA/DA is admissible to Anganwadi Workers is rural and tribal ICDS project, payment of TA/DA to helper to an Anganwadi worker, if required attend Headquarters or some other place, exists at present.

2. The question of payment of TA/DA to helper to an Anganwadi Worker in the event of her being called at project headquarters, or elsewhere, for any periodical meeting or for any orientation course etc., has been considered. It ahs been decided that the helper to an Anganwadi worker in a rural or tribal ICDS project may, in such an event, be granted TA/DA from the ICDS budget on the following lines:-

a) Actual bus or train (2nd class) fare, and
b) Daily allowance at the rate applicable to Class IV (Grade D) employees in accordance with the State Government’s rules.

3. In partial modification of Ministry of Social Welfare’s letter dated 17-12-1976, it is hereby clarified that, whenever an Anganwadi Worker of an urban ICDS project is required to attend Project Headquarter, or some other place, for a meeting, orientation training etc., she may be paid, from ICDS in the form of mileage allowance, may be paid on scale, as helper to an Anganwadi worker in an urban ICDS project, in respect of her visit to project headquarter to else here for meeting, orientation etc. may paid actual bus fare wherever stay bus services operate, or TA in the form of mileage allowance on may be paid on scale, as applicable to an LIC of the State Government. Likewise, a helper to an Anganwadi worker in an urban ICDS project. In respect of her visit to Project Headquarter or elsewhere for meeting, orientation etc., may be paid actual bus fare wherever city bus services operate, or Train the form of mileage allowance on scale no DA will be admissible to either the Anganwadi worker of the helper of an urban ICDS project for such a visit, if it is within the municipal limits of that particular city. However, if the visit is to place outside the municipal limits of the city concerned, DA may also be paid in the same was as to AWW and helper of a rural project.

4. Attention is also invited to this Ministry’s letter of even number dated 29.8.85 with which the suggestions and recommendations made by the Orientation Workshop on ICDS for Additional/Joint/Deputy Directors, organized by NIP CD from 27-29 June 1985, and this Ministry’s decisions thereon, had been intimated to you. Item No.6 of the enclosure to that letter related to the employment of a helper for a Mukhyasevika (Supervisor) on the same basis as a helper to and Anganwadi Worker. In the decisions of this Ministry communicated therein, it as advised that the touring facilities to supervisors should be similar to the facilities allowed to other comparable officers in the block> It was also indicated that there is no objection to the employment of a helper for a Supervisor on the same basis as a helper to an Anganwadi worker.

5. It has been pointed out that, in the case of helper to an Anganwadi worker, she is paid a monthly honorarium of Rs.90/-. Accordingly a question has been raised whether helper to the supervisors should also be paid the same amount, viz Rs.90/- per month as honorarium.

6. The position of a helper to an Anganwadi worker is different from a helper to a Mukhyasevika. The latter is to be engaged only for Mukhyasevikas who have to tour in very difficult hilly and far-flung areas. Thus, engagement of such a helper is to be made sparingly and only in very hard and deserving cases. Such a helper should be paid honorarium on the same scale as that to a helper of an anganwadi worker, viz. Rs.90/- per month. The helper should be available to the mukhyasevikas for about 3-4 hours on days when the mukhyasevikas is at circle here quarter and should also be repaired to undertake all tours with her as and when then Mukhyasevika has to go to anganwadis outside her circle headqurter. In respect of journeys of the helper of a Supervisor to places away from the circle headquarters, he/she will be eligible for to an anganwadi workers, indication in paragraph 2 of this letter.

7. The position stated in the preceding paragraphs may be brought to the notice of all concerned.

8. The receipt of this letter may please be acknowledged.

Yours faithfully,
(K.L. Gupta)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

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