8th conference of Anganwadi workers and helpers began on 7th January 2016 in RTC Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad at sharp 10.00am in the morning. Among the loud slogans of Revolution Long live and Down with Capitalism veteran leader and president of the Federation Com. Neelima Maitra hoisted the flag of the Union. On this occasion General Secretary CITU Com. Tapan Sen, one of the founder leader Maharani Konar and state CITU secretary also accompanied her.

After hoisting the flag flora tribute was paid to the martyrs and the departed leaders of the union and trade union movement. After he flag hoisting, inauguration session started, which was presided over by Neelima Maitra. Stressing upon the importance of the ICDS programmee, Chairman of Reception committee, Mr. K R Venugopal said “The essence of the ICDS programme thus directly represents all vital constituents of the Right to Life as guaranteed in Article 21 of the Constitution of India and as expanded by the Supreme Court of India in many of its path-breaking judgments such as those relating to the right to food, work, health, education, shelter and information. These are the rights of children and women as recognised in certain other articles in the Constitution of India and also various International Human Rights Instruments to which India is signatory. So, when the implementation of the ICDS programme fails, human and social development rights of the women and children are violated in the most crucial areas of their lives and given their numbers taken together the human rights of almost all the people of India are violated.”

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While inaugurating the conference Com. Tapan Sen called the union members to strengthen struggles not only for their rights and to save ICDS but also against the neo-liberal policies of the NDA government. He said that the task before us is to raise the consciousness of the union members, as well as to mobilize workers, helpers, beneficiaries, other scheme workers and build strong interlinkages with all sections of society.

After the inauguration, organization session started with the presidential address by Neelima Maitra. Exposing the pernicious effects of imperialist design to end welfare schemes in many countries in the world. Stressing the need of ICDS, she continued, there can not be a human society without women and children. If the scheme is privatized, lives of crores of mothers and children will disrupt. 11 member Presidium was elected, Neelima maitra, president of Federation and other members were Baby Rani( Andhra Pradesh),Maharani Konar ( West Bengal),PP Kallyani(Kerala), Shravani Chakrborty (Tripura) Subhash Rani(Punjab), Niroda Kakoti (Assam),Jayalakshmi (Telangana),Urmila (Haryana), Sunita (HP), Shanta Ghante (Karnataka). Credential sub- committee members were Shubha Shamim (Convener), Krishna, Shanta, Sushila N, Vidya Khangar, Zainab JAhan, S.Leelawati, Monisha Chakraborty and Indira Newar. Minutes sub-committee members were Anju Maini ( Convener) Mahavir Dahiya, Indrani Mukharjee, Jaya Barman, Resolution sub-committee member Veena Gupta (Convener) Ratna Dutta, TV Vidya laxmi, Thilagam, Yamuna, Jaya Barman and Veeralakshmi.
Report was presented by AR Sindu,General Secretary of AIFAWH. After placing the report, delegate went for group discussion on the report.  

Second day of the conference with the revolutionary songs sung by delegates from Telangana. Delegate session started with the delegates speaking from different states. Representative from Fraternal organization, AIDWA Ms. Kiran Moghe, who witnessed the first conference of the AIFAWH in Udaipur highlighted the positive transformation in the oraganisation as well as in the workers and helpers. She stressed that we should work together to resist the criminality of the state. 

Com Hannan Mollah, General Secretary of All India Kisan Sabha greeted the delegates and called for militant joint struggle not only to save ICD but to save crores of children of mother India from hunger and malnutrition.

Greeting the conference, Aboni Mukherjee DYFI General Secretary assured of full support to the struggle of AIFAWH. Three resolutions were presented, one was on Save ICDS moved by Sreelaxmi and it was supported by Molina Ghosh. Resolution demanded the government to allocate adequate funds for ensuring universalisation and institutionalisation of ICDS. We also demand to stop privatization and NGOisation of ICDS immediately.

Second resolution on organizing scheme workers was moved by Jaya Barman and supported by Usha Rani. This 8th conference calls upon the anganwadi workers and helpers to Consolidate our task to expand and strengthen the unions of ASHA and MDM workers and to help other scheme workers to be mobilised on their respective demands and to help them in organising themselves

Third resolution was to pass the women reservation bill. It was moved by Veeralaxmi and supported by Indira Newar. All the resolutions were passed unanimously with the clapping and slogans.