AIFAWH welcomes the decision of the Left front government of Tripura to extend pension to the anganwadi workers and helpers of the state. AIFAWH congratulates the Tripura anganwadi workers and helpers union(CITU) for their victory. The union which has a support of 99.1% of the total employees has been continuously on campaign and struggles for improving their working condition.

According to the cabinet decision, Anganwadi workers and helpers with 10 years of service will get Rs.500 and Rs.350 respectively as pension after their retirement at the age of 60 years. They can opt for pension or for Rs.50000 and Rs.30000 respectively as lump some payment. In case of death of those employees who have completed 5 years of service, the legal heirs of the diseased workers and helpers will get Rs.50000 and Rs.30000 respectively.
Tripura government has also decided to extend pension to domestic workers, transgenders and leprosy and AIDS patients

This decision of the Left Front government in Tripura is all the more important considering the critical financial situation of the state and the drastic cut in the central budget allocation to the ICDS.

Many states like Bihar had stopped the supplementary nutrition in anganwadi centres. Many other states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Pondicherry, etc, had not been paying the remuneration of the employees for months. Tripura government has once again proved their pro worker attitude.

Tripura is one among the first states to introduce the state's contribution in the remuneration of the anganwadi workers and helpers. The government had increased the remuneration of the workers and helpers in July 2015 to make it Rs.6511 and Rs.3815 respectively.

A R Sindhu
General Secretary