Wednesday, 28 June 2017


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    • AIFAWH will observe “Dhoka Diwas” on 26 May 2017, 3rd Anniversary of Modi Government


      AIFAWH Working Committee has decided to observe 26 May 2017 as “Dhoka Diwas”, “Cheating Day”. On that day Narendra Modi Government is observing its third anniversary. This BJP led NDA government came to power with majority to a single party after a long gap. It got the majority on the big media propaganda of its promise of ‘achche din’, good days. People who were fed up with the policies of the congress led UPA government under which lakhs of farmers were forced to commit suicide, workers lost jobs, agricultural labourers forced to flee from their homes voted it out.   View the embedded image gallery online at: The anganwadi workers and...

    • Union Budget 2017-18- Deceitful statement on ‘Women and Child Development’


      Anganwadi workers and helpers will organise protest all over the country on 2nd February 2017Once again Arun Jaitely and Narendra Modi led NDA government had cheated the women and children of the country and the anganwadi workers and helpers. Budget 2017-18, like the previous budgets by the same ministry had criminally neglected India’s eight crore malnourished children under six and two crore pregnant women and lactating mothers by not increasing the allocation for the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme. The Budget estimates for the ICDS (core) 2017-18 is only Rs.15245.19crores. It is even less than the Budget allocation for ICDS in 2015-16 which was Rs.15433.09 crores and...

    • Don’t try to befool the workers!


      Anganwadi workers and Helpers reaffirm the resolve to join the General Strike on 2nd September 2016 Thwart the efforts of the Government to mislead the workers through false propaganda and foil the strike!The Samyukta Morcha of Anganwadi Employees Federations had issued a strike notice to the Government of India, on 1st August 2016 to join the 2nd September 2016 General Strike call given by the Central trade unions on our long pending demands. Preparation for the strike is going on in full swing throughout the country. Along with the long pending demands of regularization, minimum wages and social security, the anganwadi employees are raising the demand to stop the large scale...

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